Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Lease Audit Services
Lease audits are an important tool in helping Landlords and Tenants reduce the costs and improve bottom line. RECCMOX Lease Audit Services provides a detailed, critical analysis of all the financial terms of your lease documentation in relation to your landlord’s billings to ensure you pay no more than is prescribed in your lease and by industry standards. Our clients vary from multinational corporations with millions of square feet of leased space to small, individual tenants. RECCMOX has saved clients millions of dollars in rent and related occupancy cost overbillings over the years. Contact us.

Property Tax Services
Tax assessments should be reviewed every year, both for correctness and equitable treatment within the market. RECCMOX property tax assessment professionals work closely with our valuation team, brokerage network and property managers, sharing transaction/operational knowledge and market expertise to ensure you pay only your share of property tax. We ensure that you pay only your fair share of property tax. We will verify assessment data and facilitate the assessment review period discussions and negotiations in preparation for appeal hearings. This includes:

  • Income and expense analysis
  • Comparison of recent sales
  • Local and regional market trends
  • Assessed values of similar properties
  • Highest and best use
  • Zoning codes and uses
  • Cost evaluation

We can also identify issues on tenant proportionate share, conducting realty tax due diligence, as well as ongoing property tax management and budgeting. Contact us.

Environmental Sustainability Services
We recognize the role that the real estate industry needs to play as our clients respond to climate change and environmental sustainability. RECCMOX Sustainability Services provides the guidance and advice needed to integrate sustainability into real estate decision making. We help our clients optimize total cost of ownership, improve asset performance and enhance the full value of their real estate investments. Our clients choose Sustainability Services to increase asset and market value; decrease energy and operating costs; reduce environmental and carbon footprints and manage risk associated with energy, carbon and climate change. We provide the following solutions to both owners and tenants:

• Energy management planning and benchmarking
• Energy conservation project planning and prioritization
• Project management and post-project verification
• Building performance assessment
• Sustainability management programs and reporting

Our team provides strategic guidance to developing custom sustainability solutions for our client’s real estate assets and optimize the environmental performance of new and existing buildings and workplaces. Contact us.

Project Management
RECCMOX project management team provides strategic leadership to both public and private sector clients, who benefit from the dividends that best-in-class service provides: project cost savings, proactive risk management and profitable strategies for sustainability. We take pride in our reputation for seamless integration with your in-house expertise and resources, and are committed to delivering projects on time and on budget. We offer total support when and where you need it most, whether it’s a single, one-time requirement or full management of the project from start to finish. Our approach to project management is a dedicated project manager working on behalf of the facility owner. You can rely on our project managers for the interpersonal, communication and team skills necessary for project success. Project management means different things to different clients. Whether the requirement is large or small, simple or complex, our focus is on bringing a project to success. Our project management services include:
• Project Planning
• Reporting and Communication
• Budgeting and Cost Control
• Scheduling
• Risk Management
• Design Management
• Change Management
• Stakeholder Engagement and Regulatory Approvals
• Construction Monitoring
• Project Acceptance and Turnover
• Final Project Close Out