Investors & Owners

Investors & Owners

Investors & Owners
For investors looking to buy or sell investment grade properties, RECCMOX offers comprehensive and research-driven transaction solutions. We deliver outstanding results by seamlessly combining markets expertise with a unique ability to develop customized solutions for individual clients. We advise all types of investors ranging from private individuals to institutions with a focus on assets with a value of $500 million or larger. We work with investors that are looking for top-tier solutions to help bring them into the real estate holdings market or investors that want to divest assets or portfolios. You may require any of the following:

Purchase Services:
If you are looking to purchase real estate in any of the global markets, our team of experts will guide you using extensive due diligence reporting and real-time market data, coupled with on-the-ground professionals who understand every aspect of real estate investment in their respective markets. You may be looking to acquire a property investment for short, medium or long-term gain. We can identify the most suitable opportunities in the market, regardless of sector. Contact us.

Sales Services
If you are an owner looking to release poor-performing investments or simply to divest from an asset, we can advise you on the best strategies available to help you achieve a maximum return on your property or portfolio and minimize your transaction risk. Our approach to sales is simple: find the best buyers for properties and the best properties for buyers. From city towers to city laneways, land to retail shopping centres and industrial warehouses to luxury apartments, every day, our specialists find creative solutions that build wealth for you. Contact us.

Mortgage Services
RECCMOX provides Mortgage Services through its affiliate company, DiliCapital Corp. We provide innovative mortgage solutions, including debt analysis for acquisition, refinance of conventional, insured and pre-sale debt alternatives. Our strong relationships with conventional financing institutions and non-bank lenders give our clients access to a wide variety of financing options with favourable terms. We originate fixed and floating rate mortgages for all types of properties and all types of property owners:

    • Term loans
    • Bridge loans
    • Credit tenant lease structured financings
    • Construction loans
    • Mezzanine financing
    • Equity facilitation
    • Leasehold financing
    • CMHC-insured financing

Leasing Services
RECCMOX provides clear overview of competing properties and market trends. Our systemized approach to analysis, marketing and communication ensures that our clients never miss a prospect. We can help you identify competitive advantages and opportunities for improvement and market your asset to create the greatest market appeal. Contact us.

 Property Management
Getting property management right is critical to maximizing the value of your property. RECCMOX takes the time to understand your market demographics, ownership goals and short-term or long-term strategy for your property. Your needs, objectives and service preferences determine the customized service package RECCMOX will build for your specific property. Clients choosing RECCMOX as their property management service provider will receive an industry leading service platform with strong internal controls, enhanced governance framework and excellent client communication. We provide a full suite of property management services for all property types – commercial, retail, industrial and residential.

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