Steps to Invest

Steps to Invest

Steps to Invest
1. Confidential Meeting
The process starts with a confidential introductory meeting for the purpose of understanding your real estate investment objectives and goals. This process is same for beginners as well as seasoned investor with a large real estate portfolio. We listen to you to understand where you are and where you want real estate investing to take you. We the understanding, we tailor an investing approach and portfolio that fits your profile.

2. Analysis
With the understanding of your investment objectives and goal, we create an investment guideline and focus our search for properties that fit your profile using up to date reports, insight and analysis. We compare rent, project gross revenue, levered and unlevered returns for properties and prepare detailed 5-year cash flows. We then select properties that fit your investment criteria for acquisition.

4. Acquisition
We assist you in the acquisition of suitable properties that meet your investment criteria. Before putting an offer on any property, we go through the analysis of each property with you to make sure it fit into the portfolio of property that meets your investing goal. After the offer is accepted, we also help to co-ordinate and manage the due diligence and financing processes.

5. Leasing and Property Management
Property management is critical to maximizing the value of your property. We understand the market demographics, ownership goals, short-term and long-term strategy for your property. Your needs, objectives and service preferences determines the customized service package we offer you. Clients choosing RECCMOX as their property management service provider receives   industry leading service platform with strong internal controls, enhanced governance framework and excellent client communication. We provide a full suite of property management services for all property types – commercial, retail, industrial and residential.

6. Financial Reporting
RECCMOX produces timely and easy to understand financial reporting for its clients. Clients receives reports for monthly and year-to-date cash flow, cash to budget variances, income register, expense register, journal entries, balance sheets, a complete transaction register, budget detail, aged accounts receivables and comprehensive explanations of the materials and solutions to problem areas.

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